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Work report for the first quarter of 2019

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:37 am
by andy
1. Complete the three module technical reserves of all exchanges
2. Complete Peking University blockchain entrepreneurship training
3. Complete the ulord side chain USC information on the chain demo
4. Complete the basic technical reserve of the ulord side chain UOS
5. Complete the establishment of mobile IOS & Android development department
6. Complete the release of the ulord proposal auxiliary system
7. Complete the ulord network marketing proposal release
8. Obtain ARQ, VIPDAX, ZTCOIN and other exchange product development orders
9. Get ARQ, VIPDAX exchange managed maintenance order
10. Achieve basic cooperation intentions with the jewels and jade information traced by Hebei Gongming Technology
11. Achieved basic cooperation intentions with the Southwest University of Petroleum University's financial information on the chain
12. Familiar with the development technology of ulord side chain UDFS
13. Prepare to unlock the ICC transaction
14. Actively seeking ICC landing scenes
15. Improve the ICOR mapping solution for ULORD sidechains