ICC- new announcement plan description

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ICC- new announcement plan description

Post by icc_an » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:31 am

ICC circulation and lock

After the end of this week, the total amount of ICC will be destroyed to 5 billion.

The forms are as follows:

Community exchange 6%

Private placement 9%

Strategic partner 10%

Team 15%

ICC Fund 5%

Wait for allocation 55%

Community convertibility will be divided into two phases:

Bonus unlock: in the community to recharge to the platform more than 80% after the start of bonus unlock, in six months time gradually unlock dividends.

Transaction unlock: after the dividend is unlocked, the transaction is automatically activated and the transaction flow is gradually unlocked within six months.

The other parts have no dividend rights and trading rights locked up to half the first distribution, that is two years later.

Introduction to the introduction of the new version of the platform

1. platform will operate permanently for ICC and will not issue any other currencies.

2. multi - nuclear platform currency exchange and French currency trading will be on the 8.1 line, the opening of the recharge function (ETH, TUSD, ICC), will carry out a series of activities and related promotion.

3. platform will adopt the income contribution, that is, the distribution mechanism. All the consumption expenditures produced by the multi-core platform are regarded as income contribution, and the equivalent ICC will be obtained (enjoy the invitation to register) or return all the expenditure.

4. platform will allocate 1883561ICC to all income contributors every day, half of the distribution every two years, and 99% of the daily income will be allocated to ICC holders.

5. platform will be on a regular basis and have a hot, innovative multi-core platform, including but not limited to the development sequence of the official network.

Account processing scheme

1. the old version of official website accounts will be deleted in December 31, 2018 without reservation.

2. forum user information

On the scheme of handling the illegal account of the reward part

1. there are dozens of bounty accounts in accordance with the following conditions:
Login with IP address / IP address registration / other

The portion of the bounty account will retain the largest reward account, and the ICC withdrawals of other accounts will not be passed.

On the treatment scheme of mine machine

1. the original purchase machine users will directly have the share of the corresponding mine, and can enter the circulation after the mining of the mining industry. At the same time, it enjoys the irregular dividend of the official operation.

2. the original leasing operator has finished the lease term, and has not done any treatment and has not completed the lease term, and all the rental fees have been refunded.

3. to stop the daily gain of the mine.

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